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I build custom Squarespace websites, I work with startups and creative teams to implement their designs to Squarespace, I show businesses how to leverage Squarespace as a media platform, I teach Squarespace design and development, I build Squarespace addons and templates, and I'm the top contributor on the Squarespace Answers Forum.
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Jason Barone

Creator / Designer / Developer / Squarespace Expert


I'm speaking at Beyond Tellerrand in Berlin, Germany on Nov. 3.


Hello everyone, I'm excited to announce that Squarespace has invited me to guest keynote and teach a workshop at their upcoming event at Beyond Tellerrand. We're going to cover all sorts of Squarespace-related goodness! I'd love to see you there! You can register for the free workshop at BeyondTellerrand.com.



I create things on the web.

I'm Jason, a web designer, web developer, technology expert, and marketing consultant from Baltimore, MD. I've been into technology since longer than I can remember. After college, I started my own web design and consulting business helping small businesses leverage the web. Eventually I stumbled upon the Squarespace.com web publishing platform and I've been building website systems on it ever since. I'm now one of the top Squarespace experts in the world.

I'm founder of the largest and best Squarespace resource on the web, Squarefront. I build and manage Squarespace websites. I design and develop Squarespace addons, integrations and templates. I train designers and developers on how to best use Squarespace. I teach Squarespace success strategies. I'm listed in the official Squarespace specialist directory. And I'm a top contributor to the official Squarespace Answers developer community. If it sounds like I can help you, feel free to drop me a line.

Here's my latest Squarespace keynote.



Here are some things I'm working on.


Everything you need to succeed with Squarespace.

Squarefront.com is the largest and best Squarespace resource on the web. We're Squarespace experts. We create how-to tutorials, designer / developer training, addons, plugins, templates, tools, services and more.

What I Do: I'm the founder, lead designer, lead developer and lead Squarespace specialist. I research and develop all of our content and training, and I develop all of our creative strategies and products.


Launch an amazing website or online business.

Launchfront.com creates all-in-one, custom website systems for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We're web technology consultants. Our website systems are powered by Squarespace and other industry-leading platforms, and they're built for your industry by your own industry experts.

What I Do: I'm the founder, lead designer, lead developer, and lead technology consultant. I research and develop our creative strategies and end-to-end industry web solutions.



Eat. Sleep. Squarespace. Repeat.

Official Squarespace Specialist

I'm listed in the official Squarespace Specialist Directory as a recommended designer, developer and expert.

Developer Platform Expert

I use Squarespace's advanced developer platform, which makes it possible to push Squarespace far past the limitations of their templates. I was one of the first developers to start using it and I'm one of the largest developer platform evangelists out there.

Founder, Squarefront

In 2014, I launched Squarefront, a resource to learn everything you need to succeed with Squarespace. Addons, plugins, training, video tutorials, inspiration and more.

Founder, Launchfront

In 2014, I re-launched my design and development business, Launchfront, by working with industry experts to develop industry-specific website systems that revolve around the Squarespace platform.

Creator, Squarespace Addon Directory

I've built the largest and best resource to find custom addons and plugins for Squarespace websites. Check it out at Squarefront.

Creator, Squarespace Integration Directory

I've built the largest and best resource to find out how to connect Squarespace to hundreds of web services and applications. Check it out at Squarefront.

Creator, Squarespace Template Marketplace

I've built the first and only Squarespace 3rd party website template marketplace. Check it out at Squarefront.

Creator, Squarespace Tools Directory

I've built the best resource to find tools, utilities and apps that complement Squarespace. Check it out at Squarefront.

Top Contributor, Squarespace Answers

I contribute answers, help, discussions and opinions to the official Squarespace Answers Developer Q&A Community. I'm the #1 contributor.

Proven Track Record

Squarefront is the result of my years of experience working with the Squarespace platform. I've built nearly everything you see on Squarefront. I even share some of my clients' websites on the Squarefront Inspiration page.

Innovating with Squarespace

At Squarefront, I created the Squarespace Lab, a place where I share the latest cutting edge experiments I'm doing with Squarespace to push the platform as far as I can.

Blogger for All Things Squarespace

I blog and write articles frequently at Squarefront covering anything related to Squarespace: company news, product releases, developer platform updates, etc.

Hundreds of Custom Websites

I've been building custom Squarespace websites for years. It's my primary go-to website platform.

Hundreds of Training Tutorials

I've been doing professional, in-depth Squarespace training tutorials for my clients for years. I now do free tutorials on a regular basis at Squarefront.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of Squarespace, nor am I endorsed by or affiliated with Squarespace.


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